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What's up! Thanks for being here -- here's a little video about what we've got here and what to expect!

Texturing and Paper Effects

We'll cover how to use the node editor to create unique paper effects like spot gloss and raised print.

wireframe of wine bottle
Simple Modeling Techniques

Starting with an empty Blender scene, create a model using a variety of easy to understand 3D modeling techniques. New to Blender? Much of what is covered follows the same processes as other popular 3D software.

Animation of Bottle
3D Animation

Once our model is created and our scene is lit (so lit) ... we'll build out a few simple animation shots that we can string together and create a final production from.

Top Notch and Totally 3D

If you're interested in taking your design and presentation beyond what you're able to do with some hacky photoshop tricks, this course is for you. We'll cover the entire process of creating a bottle in 3D from scratch.

Once the bottle is created we'll light, animate, and render out our final presentation piece. Ready to show off in your own portfolio to entice customers and clients alike.

The Skills to build your own Luxury Experiences, Digitally.

Take the skills you learn in this course and apply them however you like. While this tutorial covers the creation of a wine bottle, once you've gone through it you should have enough experience to begin creating on your own.

Ready to BLEND!?

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